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Accra Animation Film Festival is a platform that supports, promotes and offers animators in Africa the opportunity to showcase their artistic work. AAFFia aims at growing the animation ecosystem in Africa and connecting local animators to other professionals in other continents.

Our goal is to challenge local animation quality to ensure competitive work that showcases the stories and talents of the continent. Ultimately, we want to create a bridge between animators here and the rest of the world, stimulating raw creativity to enrich the global animation community.


Our immediate goal is to establish Accra and the AAFFia as a Hub and platform for all animators across Africa to connect with each other and exchange ideas, projects and build African co-productions. In time, AAFFia will offer comprehensive educational programs around animation, the business of entertainment and animation related topics as well as several exchange programs for animation students and professionals as well.


  • Through screenings and competitions - a platform for African animators to meet and exchange
  • Bringing international animators and program facilitators to hold workshops, discussions, seminars etc. to Accra
  • Organizing networking events
  • Taking African animation to international platforms through the AAFFia


  • AAFFia becomes a year round event (organizing other networking events and special programs outside of the festival time)
  • More year round screenings of animation, especially ones pushing the African animation scene
  • Curating exhibitions and special screenings all year round
  • Facilitating workshops and opportunities for animators to further educate themselves outside the festival time
  • Curating an African animation program that can be screened at the biggest animation festivals around the world


  • Pushing for better promotion of animated films and animated series across Africa
  • Communicating and appealing to new audiences by educating on animation and animated films
  • Actively pursuing endorsements and patrons
  • Increasing cross-promotion with other arts festivals and organizations - pushing for animation copyrights in Africa


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