The anim’est International Animation Film Festival, established in 2006, has become Romanian's most loved film festival and a recognized event on the international animation scene. The presentations, workshops, master-classes and round tables provide the perfect opportunity to get in touch with the latest creations and make contacts in the international animation scene. Anim’est is the only animation film festival in Romania, the biggest film event in Bucharest, it is the only OSCAR® qualifying film festival in Romania, and it is also proud partner of EMILE Awards, the European Animation Awards. The ten day festival has had many important names in the international animation community pass through and is proof of how such a networking event can help boost the local animation ecosystem. Romania has seen a major growth in the animation industry and Anim'est played a major role in the growth of the industry since its first edition thirteen years ago. AAFFia had the pleasure of presenting a curated program of African animated short films to the Romanian public and hosted a day dedicated to African animation and is happy to announce that a Ghanaian animated music video has made it to the 2018 official selection of the Animated Music Video section of anim’est. Opportunity for Ghana / West Africa In the creative business, your network is your net worth. International co-productions, collaborations with some of the most acclaimed professionals in the industry and mentorship are only a few of the advantages of attending such networking events as Encounters and anim'est. For African animators, the chance of attending international Festivals is very limited, and AAFFia is proud to have helped establish the first link between the African animators and their peers on other continents. We expect the resonance of this trip to affect not only the three animators that have travelled with us, but also their Ghanaian counterparts upon their return. The impressions, lessons and connections that the animators have obtained in Bristol will help us establish these exchanges on a regular basis, thus helping bring more Ghanaian and West African creatives abroad for seminars, festivals and mentorship programs. They will in turn go back to their home countries and help boost the Animation ecosystem by sharing their experiences and the acquired knowledge. Through constant exchange we can help establish a global vision for the animators on the African continent, take African stories overseas, penetrate new markets for African content and help bridge the currently existing knowledge gap. By raising the quality of the work done locally, we can make sure that international productions will opt to use local talent when coming to work in Africa, instead of bringing their crews from overseas, as it is currently done. This will not only provide more job opportunities for local talent, but also help cut costs for international productions. Impact We are positive that the exchange has been of huge benefit, not only to the Ghanaian animators who travelled with the AAFFia delegation, but also the community in Ghana. After their return, the animators shared their impressions, insights and acquired knowledge with their Ghanaian peers and AAFFia is striving to keep these exchanges alive as well as organize local Workshops and Masterclasses to ensure that a year-round educational program is established. This will help motivate all the other creatives to step up the quality of their work and help improve the African animation industry as a whole. This is the first project of this kind organized by an African animation film festival and it allows us to set a stepping stone for further such exchanges and delegations. Our hope is that this project will become a yearly endeavor and expand to other African countries, thus helping work towards the goal of a more fluid and connected African animation industry.

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